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How it works
Weight Management Programme


When planning for your wedding it can be very stressful, we aim to take that stress away by introducing our weight management programme.  We have found out over the years when planning for your wedding 2 steps are taken, one is to lose weight and second is to bulk up or tone up, by doing so you will always alter in size.  What we offer is to monitor your size every 4 weeks leading up to the wedding day, in doing so we would be able to judge what size you will be leading upto your big day.  Whilst your size is being monitored, we would have already started the preparations on your outfit i.e  embroidery and markings.  Final step is to stich the garment according to your new size.  Simple and hassle free.         

Why so fast
21 Days Ordering Service


Our 21 days ordering service is fast and reliable and always of the hightest quality.  With over 60 workers just within our manufacturing team we can offer a service more than any of our competitors out there.  We pride ourself on keeping to our time scale and in most cases can provide urgent orders within 10 days.



What do i get
Hire Service


With over 50 wedding sherwanis to choose from, with a wide range of colours and sizes.  Prices from just £55.00 per day to £95.00 for 3 days.  Every outfit is inspected and dry cleaned before collection to give you peace of mind.  You can only hire the sherwani and pajama, shoes, scarf and kulla can be purchased within store. 


Once booking your outfit for hire we require a deposit on collection which is refundable once the garment is returned and is in a rehirable condition.   

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